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1. General Introduction:

In order to attract more outstanding international students to study at our college, encourage international students with excellent quality to study diligently and form a good style of study, "Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering International Student Scholarship" was established.

2. Scholarship Award Standard

Scholarship criteria:

The International students who have a good study performance and study at least for one academic year at Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering will be offered a full scholarship.

3. Scholarship Application Conditions

Basic conditions

1) Non-Chinese nationality, friendly to China, and in good health.

2) Be Active, with good study performance, no violation of school rules inside the college, no violation of Chinese laws and regulations outside the college.

3) Excellent academic performance.

Specific conditions

 In addition to the basic conditions, the applicant must meet the following specific conditions:

1) The applicant must be officially registered as self-supported at the college and study for one academic year or above. (Students are required to pay all fees at the time of enrollment, otherwise they are not eligible for scholarships)

2) Outstanding results were obtained in all courses taken during the school year.

3) Actively participate in various public welfare activities and social practices organized by schools or colleges.

4) Attendance is not less than 90 %.

4. Application Time

In each school year, the application materials should be submitted to the International Institute of Education at our college before June 30th and December 30th. The application materials are not accepted after the deadline.

5. Application Materials

1) Application form

2) Documentary materials such as transcripts.

6. Review process

1) Set up an international student scholarship assessment team to determine and announce the current year(current semester) scholarship assessment program.

2) Applicants are requested to provide application materials.

3) After reviewing the qualifications and conditions of the applicant, the International Institute of Education will submit the qualified applicant materials to the school's international student scholarship assessment team for review and final determination of the award list.

4) The list of winners is advertised for one week and will be issued without objection.

7. Selection requirements

Students can not participate in the evaluation of student scholarships if:

1) In the semester, there are phenomena happening such as cheating on exams.

2) Be warned or punished by the college.

8. Award and administration of scholarships

1) Award of scholarships

Scholarships are directly exempted from the tuition fees of the winning students or are issued by the school to the student's bank account.

2) Administration of scholarships

If a student who has been awarded a scholarship was found that the application materials are false and once the investigation is true, the school will revoke his title, recover the scholarship and the honorary certificate, and impose appropriate disciplinary measures.

Students who have won scholarships should come to register on time and pay all fees according to the school's stipulated time and rules. Otherwise, their scholarship seats will be canceled.  After obtaining a scholarship, if a student goes through the procedures for changing the student status such as leaving school, transferring school, and dropping out of school, the student’s scholarship seat will be canceled and the college will recover the issued money.

The final interpretation right are owned by International Institute of Education at Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering.

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